Even though I was taught to tune pianos by ear, advances have been made in digital software. I am able to offer an aural tuning, using just my tuning fork, or I can tune in “HD” with some clever software. Some people prefer the clarity of a digital tuning whilst others prefer a slightly more relaxed, natural tuning done by ear. I often do a combination of the two, using the machine to do a ‘first pass’ and then adjust it by ear.

I have been tuning pianos since I qualified from piano tuning college in 2004. Since then I have divided my time working with several well known piano retailers across the North West whilst building up private tuning round.

I am based in Oldham (North Manchester) and tend to focus in the surrounding areas, but do travel as far north as Lancaster, as far south as Sandbach, as far east as Leeds and Sheffield, and as far west as Liverpool. The distance I travel obviously has an effect on the price I charge, but I usually try and fit more than one customer into a trip so it might not be as expensive as you may think! Please feel free to get in touch to find out when I’m next in your area.

If you are thinking about buying a piano, as both a piano technician and pianist, I can help you with an unbiased view to find a piano that suits you. Whether its a cheap starter piano, a good quality mid-range piano or a brand new Steinway that you require, I will be able to recommend the best retailer for you. Below is a brief list of some of the venues I have tuned for over the past few years:-

Bridgewater Hall
Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Royal Northern College of Music
BBC Manchester and Liverpool
Chetham’s School of Music
Manchester Cathedral
Congleton Choral Society